About Us

The Chinese American Restaurant Association (CA-RA) was formed to bring the 45,000 plus Chinese Restaurant’s in the United States the buying power that can only be achieved from our combined numerical strength. When we stand alone, and buy alone, we have little power to get the best rates for the goods and services we need. But we stand together our members can demand, and get, better prices on all of the things that allow us to keep more of the money that we earn.

For example, CA-RA has negotiated with a credit card service company to get guaranteed credit card usage fee rates far below any pricing model available for a restaurant buying as a stand-alone company. Yes, we are talking about those dreaded card swipe fees, and all of the add-on costs that comes from taking credit cards. Our partner credit card service company has guaranteed these best ever low rates for CA-RA members. You could go to the same company as a non-member and the rates will be significantly higher. But, we know. You have heard these guarantees before. We have too. So we tested it. We compared a CA-RA member’s current “best rate”, with all of the charges, against CA-RA’s new credit card service company partner’s guaranteed low rate, available only to CA-RA members, and the savings surprised even us.

In our tests the savings were over 30%.
This was using a line-by-line comparison. That means that if you are charged $1,000 per month to pay for your customers use of credit cards, and if your situation is like our tests, then you are paying $300.00 a month too much.

That is $3,600, per year in savings.  And that is a savings that you will see every day, every month, and every year. What could you do with another $3,600 per year?

You don’t think Wal-Mart and McDonalds are paying the same rate for credit card usage as your local restaurant do you? Of course not. Wal-Mart and McDonalds have buying power. They have the power to go to the credit card service companies and say, “If you want to do business with us, you are going to have to give us a lower rate, and you will have to guarantee that our rate will always be the lowest rate possible.” And the credit card service company cuts their rates, because they know if they do not do it someone else will, and someone else will get all of the fees for all those credit card swipes. The cost per swipe is lower, but they get lots of swipes from their many stores.According to Wal-Mart’s website there are 624 Wal-Mart stores in the United States. Certainly they have a lot more swipes than our smaller restaurants do, but we are 45,000 strong. When we speak together, we speak loudly.

Be a member. Take advantage of the best rates available for credit card services. Reduce your cost for those dreaded swipe fees.

In addition to credit card usage fees, CA-RA has partnered with companies that sell life insurance, restaurant business insurance, and workers compensation insurance. A CA-RA member can take advantage of the lowest costs available for most insurance services. All applications are on CA-RA’s members only web page. Don’t take our word for it, compare rates.

Do you need a business loan, or do you need operating capital, and are you having problems securing the money you need from your local bank? CA-RA has partnered with private lenders and other financial companies that can provide a wide range of options for CA-RA members. One company provides cash advancements against future credit card receipts, and another provides more traditional loans. Information is available CA-RA’ members only page.

These are some of the many services available to Chinese American Restaurant Association members. And today you are faced with a once in a life time opportunity to join CA-RA at the lowest rate that will ever be available. That is because you will have full membership rights for all of the rest of 2012, and all of 2013 by joining now. After January 01, 2013 membership will start on the date you join and be good for one calendar year. For the very low cost of $80.00 per year you can become a member and immediately begin taking advantage of all of the partner services we have available for you. The cost of membership is less than the savings you will enjoy of only one month of reduced credit card usage fees.

CA-RA Executive Board

Ming Lin

Ming Lin is the founder and president of Chinese American Restaurant Association (CA-RA)
Ming a first-generation Chinese American, born in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, the hometown of his parents. Soon after being born his father, Nai Lin, immigrated to the United States, to New York City. In New York his father learned the Chinese restaurant business from top to bottom. As soon as he was able to do so he opened his own restaurant, which was a dream come true. When Ming came to America at age 14, he spoke no English, but began to learn so many things about this new culture and this new language. His father had opened his own restaurant, so he grew up in the business. Ming learned everything about a Chinese restaurant business. He firsthand how hard it is. Seeing saw how hard his family and all those with whom we work had to labor, usually seven days a week, Ming wanted to form a company to help other Chinese American restaurant owners.

Randal Little

Randal Little is Sr. Vice President of Business Development for Chinese American Restaurant Association. Randal is responsible for developing partner relationships with companies that can provide goods or services to CA-RA members.

Randal works with companies that have services that want to be added to our list to develop business opportunities that our members want, and can use. He works with managers within these prospective partner companies to shape a program that will help CA-RA members save money on goods or services, or access a service.