Congratulations to Ming Lin!

Congratulations to Chinese American Restaurant Association, Inc.’s President, Ming Lin.

On July 13, 2012 Ming was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Board of Directors of International Management Corporation at a surprise reception held in his honor in New York’s Chinatown.

After the presentation Ming was received and congratulated for his contributions to Chinese Americans throughout North America by Chinatown’s international businessman Guagjun Liang. Ming is shown in the accompanying photo with Mr. Liang, who after the award ceremny spent time with Ming in discussions of various projects and CA-RA’s goals to provide member services that will benefit Chinese Americans across North America.

When interviewed after the reception Ming expressed his appreciation for the honor bestowed upon him, and then added, “This award is meaningless unless this company (Chinese American Restaurant Association) can achieve its goal of attracting restaurant owner members across the country, who are then able to utilize the services of CA-RA’s partners to save money, and improve their way of life for them, their families, and their employees.”
Ming spoke very favorably of his meeting with Mr. Liang, saying that he was greatly encouraged by Mr. Liang’s counsel and good wishes for the success of Chinese American Restaurant Association.

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Sam Chen (left) w/ CA-RA President Ming Lin
New Century Buffet - Nashville, TN.

The Chinese American Restaurant Association is proud to feature one of our newest members, Sam and Jenny Chen of Nashville, Tn.

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