Membership Drive iPad Giveaway

Since Chinese American Restaurant Association, Inc. (CA-RA) is a new company with a desire to add new members quickly, CA-RA is kicking our membership drive off by entering all new members into CA-RA’s December 31, 2012 drawing for a new iPad, 3rd generation.  The more members CA-RA has the more buying power we have.  When CA-RA speaks with the voice of the many we have power.  Help us speak for you.  Join today and begin enjoying the benefits of being a member.  It’s your money.  Let us help you keep more of it.


You do not have to complete any additional forms.  Your membership automatically gets you entered.  And, if you recommend someone else for membership, and they too become a CA-RA member, your name gets entered again.  The member that you recommend also gets entered for CA-RA’s iPad giveaway.  Great benefits for everyone.


You also get entered any time that you use one of CA-RA’s partner services.  For example, if you take advantage of CA-RA’s credit card processing service partner you get entered into the drawing for the new iPad once again.  Where else do you get a chance to win by saving money?  Imagine.  With this service you save money on every card swipe, and you get a chance to win a new iPad.


Use more than one partner services, and get entered again.  It’s that easy.


Everything should be that easy.  So join CA-RA today.  Recommend someone and convince them to join.  To beome a member of CA-RA click HERE.

Featured Members

Sam Chen (left) w/ CA-RA President Ming Lin
New Century Buffet - Nashville, TN.

The Chinese American Restaurant Association is proud to feature one of our newest members, Sam and Jenny Chen of Nashville, Tn.

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