Message From The President of CA-RA

My name is Ming Lin. I am the founder and president of Chinese American Restaurant Association (CA-RA), an organization made up of, and limited to, Chinese restaurants throughout North America. I will tell you a little more about me and my background below, but first let me tell you about Chinese American Restaurant Association.

But, before I do that let me say, WELCOME, and thank you for taking the time to read this feature article and reviewing the rest of CA-RA’s website.

This website represents a monumental event for me, but it also represents a wonderful opportunity for you, and all Chinese restaurants throughout North America. Chinese American Restaurant Association is made up of Chinese restaurant owners across the United States and Canada. Can you even imagine what kind of buying power an organization of that magnitude can mean?

Have you ever wondered how Wal-Mart can sell most items in their huge stores below what the same items are sold for at other stores in the same city or town? One of the reasons they are able to do this is because of their monumental buying power. They buy in large volumes, which allows them to get the absolute best price available from every wholesaler from whom they buy. As a member of Chinese American Restaurant Association you too will have group buying power. The more members CA-RA has, the more leverage we will have in getting the best prices. And there is more, so much more.

But, before I tell you more about the tremendous benefits of becoming a member of Chinese American Restaurant Association, let me tell you a little about me, and I promise to tell you more in future messages from my corner of this website. My name is Ming Lin. I am a first- generation Chinese American, which means I was born in Turnin , China, as were my parents. Soon after I was born my father immigrated to the United States, to New York City. In New York my father learned the Chinese restaurant business from top to bottom. As soon as he was able to do so he opened his own restaurant, which was a dream come true. When I came to America at age 14, I spoke no English, and I began to learn so many things about this new culture and this new language. My father had opened his own restaurant, so I grew up in the business. I learned everything about a Chinese restaurant business, and I learned firsthand how hard it is. I saw how hard my family, and all those with whom we work had to labor, usually seven days a week.

One thing I learned very early, was how important it was to be able to buy everything at the lowest possible price. I learned it was important to provide the best quality food at a price that allowed our customers to keep coming back. To do that we had to work long hours and find ways to spend less for everything we had to have to make our business operate.

I soon learned that because we were a small restaurant we did not have the ability to buy many of the things we needed at the same low rates as the chain restaurants are able to do. Can you imagine what the buyers for McDonalds can negotiate from their many suppliers? For example, Pepsi and Coke are always trying to win each other’s customers. As individual restaurant owners we have little bargaining power with these power houses, but, imagine being able to negotiate a deal that will guarantee that all member restaurants will serve one or the other. If we are 100,000 strong we are a force to be reckoned with. And that is what you can do, as a member of Chinese American Restaurant Association.

Today our footprint is small, because as you read this you are one of the first to see this newly formed organization. As we grow we will have more clout, and the benefits will grow with it. But, even today, as we begin to forge new alliances, with suppliers large and small we have already identified critical suppliers that will be able to make membership in Chinese American Restaurant Association a must. Being a member will instantly mean access to things like competitive interest rates on loans and below-market credit card swipe fees, and as we gain with membership growth we will be able to negotiate even better rates for our members.

But the benefits list doesn’t stop there. A member of Chinese American Restaurant Association will be able to make submit a confidential inquiry on CA-RA’s member’s page and get Legal Services for any and all legal matters? Lease agreements. Contract Services. Employment Law. Immigration Law. Even better, these legal services will be provided at CA-RA member prices, with professionals in the area of law you seek.

Life Insurance. Chinese American Restaurant Association has worked hard to identify insurance professionals who can provide all types of insurance for Chinese Americans with special low rates. These are the best rates available and only for Chinese American Restaurant Association Members. Where possible we use Chinese American insurance professionals, who have access to the companies who provide the most secure coverage, with companies we trust.

Business Insurance. Chinese American Association members get access to the lowest market rates for business insurance. The savings for business insurance alone could be more than enough to pay your annual membership.

As Chinese American Restaurant Association grows and we get more members our ability to get even more services, at even better rates will grow too. Please accept this as my personal invitation to be one of our Charter Members. I am extending this offer to a limited number of Chinese Restaurant owners and managers. The membership rate is this wonderful organization is $80.00 per year, but so we can build our numbers quickly, and to grow our rolls quickly we are offering you the rest of 2012 and all of 2013 for the low annual rate of $80.00. That is right. The rest of 2012 is Free. Free. Free.

Your membership will immediately allow you to begin getting the best prices on products and services. The money you save comes direct from those suppliers with which Chinese American Restaurant Association has already negotiated special rates. These prices are below the prices that can be had by going directly to these companies on your own.

Watch this website for new CA-RA partners that are added as we continue to partner with companies that can save our members even more money. It is our commitment to our members to save more money every day

Our website is up and running, and will be updated with new savings opportunity for a wide range of services, all available to members of Chinese American Restaurant Association. You will be provided a membership number to use with each provider. Use it, and let us and your fellow members know of your savings. Send us an email or letter. We look forward to hearing from you.

I am excited, and I hope you are too. There is power in numbers, and as a member of Chinese American Restaurant Association you will have the power of thousands of other members.

As we stand together in this Association our numbers will allow us to have more economic and political security and influence.

So, I ask you, as a fellow Chinese American, who knows the value of the services that you offer, and the difficulties you face, come join us. Together we are strong. Together we can accomplish much. Together we have the buying power and influence of the largest chain restaurants and businesses throughout the world.

Chinese American Restaurant Association is your organization.

Many people, one voice.

Ming Lin
Chinese American Restaurant Association

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Sam Chen (left) w/ CA-RA President Ming Lin
New Century Buffet - Nashville, TN.

The Chinese American Restaurant Association is proud to feature one of our newest members, Sam and Jenny Chen of Nashville, Tn.

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