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The Chinese American Restaurant Association (CA-RA) was formed to bring the 45,000 plus Chinese Restaurant's in the United States the buying power that can only be achieved from our combined numerical strength. When we stand alone, and buy alone, we have little power to get the best rates for the goods and services we need. But we stand together our members can demand, and get, better prices on all of the things that allow us to keep more of the money that we earn.

For example, CA-RA has negotiated with a credit card service company to get guaranteed credit card usage fee rates far below any pricing model available for a restaurant buying as a stand-alone company.

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WELCOME, and thank you for taking the time to read this feature.

My name is Ming Lin. I am the founder and president of Chinese American Restaurant Association, an organization made up of, and limited to, Chinese restaurants throughout North America. I will tell you a little more about me and my background below, but first let me tell you about Chinese American Restaurant Association.

This publication represents a monumental event for me, but it also represents a wonderful opportunity for all Chinese restaurants throughout North America. Chinese American Restaurant Association is made up of Chinese restaurant owners across the United States and Canada. The buying power of an organization of that magnitude can be tremendous.

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Chinese Restaurants In America

According to the Smithsonian Institute Chinese food was first made available for sale to the public in San Francisco, when the first recorded Chinese restaurant on United States territory opened in 1849. The first Chinese restaurant was called Macao and Woosung and was founded by Norman Asing, who developed what was the first Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet, for which he charged the princely sum of One Dollar. $1 in 1849 would be the equivalent of $29.41

As with any successful enterprise a number of imitators followed. Asing's success inspired dozens of other Chinese immigrants to open new restaurants. These new restaurants would soon become known as chow chows. One of the legacies of the time was the American invention of a new Chinese dish which got the spur-of-the-moment name of Chop Suey.

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Sam Chen (left) w/ CA-RA President Ming Lin
New Century Buffet - Nashville, TN.

The Chinese American Restaurant Association is proud to feature one of our newest members, Sam and Jenny Chen of Nashville, Tn.

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